Friday, October 4, 2013


Well since I'm a person who get's tired of the color of my hair way to fast I changed it to blond recently. But no matter what color my hair is I want it to look good and healthy. And I've been blond before. But somehow I always strugled with the fact that the color was rinsing off and my hair just became brown again. So this time I decided to buy some kind of a product that's going to keep my highlight light and my hair looking beautiful.
So I searched through the internet and I wasn't really ready to spend to much money on the products. But than a friend of mine said that she has been using this shampoo and it works for her really well. So I decided that I will try it.
The first time I used it I was  a bit undecided. Because at the first feel my hair felt very dry after using this duo. And although after one washing I couldn't make up my mind still wasn't quite sure if I should precide with using it. But after I dried my hair it was great.
After about two weeks of using this I saw the difference. Although I usually wash my hair every other day and I elternating with another shampoo I felt my hair stayed nice and shine. And most important it stayed nice golden blond I intially started with. 
I was really happy with the product. It really gives results and I'm really happy I bought it.
:) Stay Beautiful


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