Thursday, October 24, 2013


This school year is going to be hard! I can already say that I'm exsausted. And the posts are going to be very rear. I have so much studying to do it's insane.
But I'll give my all and try to write as much as I can. Even though I think I'll post very little untill I finish this school year.
But let's get to the review. I bought the set almost two months ago. I wanted to make sure I get the ful experience and I can tell u with no concerns.
The whole set was 31€ which is very affordable if you think that u have to give that much money every time you go to the nail salon. :D I bought the Led lamp and the Starter kit for french look. But you can also buy the Starter kit for color nails which is basicly the same except for the top coat. But I later bought the clear gel coat as well which was additional 3€.

My opinion is that the kit as amazing. You get what you pay for. I mean I was very pleasantly surprised. It maybe not last the ful month for me but I don't mind since I get tired of the nail polish very quickly so I like to change it often. The only down side about it is that u have to use the essence nail polishes for the color kit. But since the essence line has different nail shades it's all good. :D
:) Stay Beautiful

Friday, October 4, 2013


Well since I'm a person who get's tired of the color of my hair way to fast I changed it to blond recently. But no matter what color my hair is I want it to look good and healthy. And I've been blond before. But somehow I always strugled with the fact that the color was rinsing off and my hair just became brown again. So this time I decided to buy some kind of a product that's going to keep my highlight light and my hair looking beautiful.
So I searched through the internet and I wasn't really ready to spend to much money on the products. But than a friend of mine said that she has been using this shampoo and it works for her really well. So I decided that I will try it.
The first time I used it I was  a bit undecided. Because at the first feel my hair felt very dry after using this duo. And although after one washing I couldn't make up my mind still wasn't quite sure if I should precide with using it. But after I dried my hair it was great.
After about two weeks of using this I saw the difference. Although I usually wash my hair every other day and I elternating with another shampoo I felt my hair stayed nice and shine. And most important it stayed nice golden blond I intially started with. 
I was really happy with the product. It really gives results and I'm really happy I bought it.
:) Stay Beautiful

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Long time no see. I know I know I have written a few times before that I just can't find the time to write posts anymore. But I hope and I'll try to write them as often as possible..( Hope that means more than 1 post a month ;)).
Anyway I had a birthday party yesterday I couldn't wait to show you guys what I wore and how I looked. :) At first I didn't wanted to make it to elegant because we were having the party outdoors. But I said whatever you only have one 18th birthday party so I went a little to crazy but I still looked quite normal in my opinion.
So here is my outfit. Hope you like it. ;)
:) Stay Beautiful

Monday, August 19, 2013


Yeah I know.. Some of you are already in school. I however have two more weeks to chill at home and prepare.
So in my school bag I always carry a little makeup bag. So I have learnt my lesson with these things. I decided that it does not take up a lot of room but it does help to have a emergency kit bag with you in your school bag. 
I've created a list of thing I think every girl should have near by. :) As those days are approaching or even if you already have your period you should have some pads. With those I always carry some intimate wipes. Now to the more pleasant stuff. ;) i always carry a concealer and oil controlling sheets with me. Because I never know how much time my foundation is going to stay on. So I like to be prepared. Another thing I find not only useful but an essential is a hair brush+mirror combo. My hair gets tangly so fast so I need a hair brush with me at all times.   
The next two thing I personally can't live without: a hand sanitizer and a hand cream. Because I have such a sensitive skin and my skin breaks very easily. It often happens that it breaks so much I get small blood spots. So to prevent that this two thing are my best friend.( plus I'm known to always have a hand cream so I got a rep to protect;)). 
:) Stay Beautiful

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


As you saw in all these different shops, patterned pants are now very IN. You can find so many different patterns. From flower to aztec printed ones. I bought myself these white aztec printed ones. And at first I didn't quite understant how to style them and what kind of tops would look great with them. But what I always do in this kind situation I research. I take different fashion magazines and I look on the internet. With that I got some ideas how I though these pants or leggings would look very special.
So I tried a couple of different option and in the end I chose these tops to pair them with the pants. Now I personally think that you need something basic to make the pants stand out more.
Here I have some tops to show you. I think these ones really make the outfit amazing. But you do have to take into consideration the color of the pants.

:) Stay Beautiful

Friday, July 12, 2013


Hey guys. Since it's summer vacation and I don't need to carry everything around with me I've been using a lot smaller bags. But this one in priticular I've bought about two weeks ago and I can't stop using it. It's such a nice bag and it also holds quite a lot of stuff.
It is a beautiful turquoise color.

On the inside it has two small pockets which are great for storing your phone and keys otherwise I never find them no matter how small the purse is :D. There is also a little bigger pocket with a zipper on it.
Let's start with the inside stuff. The first two things I never leave my house without are my phone and my wallet obviously.
My wallet is by: Valentino. It's a very nice pattern of two different kinds of colors and I love love love it.
And I have my phone in this beautiful pink case by: PURO.
The next thing are my sunglasses. I got this ones for my birthday 2 years ago and I love them. This ones are from Louis Vuitton. 
I also can't leave without my hairbrush+mirror. Because my hair gets so taingly it's insane. And this is a nice small travelling size. 

And the last three things are some wipes. Becuse when it gets hot these really are a life savior and some small deodorant. And the very last thing is chewing gum.
:) Stay Beautiful

Thursday, July 11, 2013


And the last favorite of this summer. It's not a colored nail polish. But I still decided to put it in this series because I have been using it for about a month now and I love love love it.
It's just this 24/7 nail base by: Essence. It is super affordable as you know by the brand. But it really is like a proffesional base coat. It keeps my nail from chipping and it really makes a good base with the matt affect. It also helps me with removing nail polish after I'm done with it.
:) Stay Beautiful


So the second nail polish is by: Maxfactor. Although I usually don't buy their nail polishes because I don't think they are worth the money. It's not like they are bad but you get a very small amount if nail polish for a normal price. But these color I couldn't resist.
So I bought it anyway. I have had it for like a month or so and I'm almost done with it.
But still the color is great and it dies dry quite fast. It also doesn't leave any bubbles on my nail. I have problems with that. So if you guys ny suggestions on how to provent that from happening please leave a comment below. I'll be very gratetful.

It's probably hard to see but it's in the shade Diva Coral.
:) Stay Beautiful


During summer I always like to wear bright nail polish colors. ;) I think it just suits the summer vibe. And I have three blog posts for you. Each one contains one favorite nail polish of this summer.
The first polish I choose is by: DEBORAH.
I have mentioned this brand of nail polishes before. And again here it is. This brand is so affordable and the nail polishes are a very nice quality. 
This color is so nice and bright. 
I really feel so much better if I have a lot of colors in my life and having a nice nail polish does make my day.
:) Stay Beautiful